Jumat, 30 September 2011

Solo City Jazz

Solo City Jazz is a free jazz event in Solo. At that time I and my friends watch it. From our house to ride a bicycle until at Sriwedari. Once there we watch the event. Apparently there was a guest star, he is Fariz RM. At 11 pm he appeared on stage. Apart from Solo, jazz groups also came from other cities, like Jakarta, Salatiga, and Bandung. Surprise after surprise featured in this show. Jazz group from Bandung, Tesla Feat Manaf Botra Maha Ganesha, for instance, featured the accompaniment of Balinese dance. More lively staging an oil lamp decorated with torches under the "pohon beringin". Performing jazz sunny weather this time backed by an open stage. Not yet completed our program have gone home first. The experience was unforgettable for us.

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