Rabu, 29 Juni 2011


24 June

Yes, finally kaskus movie night out arriving in Solo. This event is an event to be held in 7 cities in the form go to the movies and watch live music performances from favorite artists.
Place in the Bale Kambang, Solo. The event was enlivened by Sheryl, Samalona, and Efek Rumah Kaca, and sponsored by simPATI.


At 7 pm I went to the SGM with my friend. There we see a music concert of Ukm UNS Voca. Good voice. Although we were late to watch but we still miss two sessions until eight-thirty.
Hour show at 9 and we finally came home. The rain accompanied our journey home. Arriving at boarding, time indicated at 10 which means it's time I futsal with my friends on the futsal field Palur. Either because I eat all or just had look at music concerts, my indoor soccer game are so different. The first was easy once in scoring. In the middle of the match was heavy because I messed up the team but after I scored a beautiful, friends say I became the team spirit. The chaos was gone just like that. It was easy to score, kick from far away will still be a goal. Well that's me on June 29 of this:)

Minggu, 26 Juni 2011


I hate november
I hate her

she is the destroyer of my life at that time
I was stressed because her

because she is selfish
go to hell with him

there is no forgiveness for you
women who enslave me