Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Solo Mayor Joko Widodo Like a Small

Small is beautiful. It seems that is what is in your mind Solo Mayor Joko Widodo. For him something small could give a big contribution. Because of its small long it could be great.

"I am pro small investment. For a long time that small could be big," said Joko's award Bung Hatta Anticorruption Award (BHAA) 2010.

It was mentioned by the man who was familiarly called Jokowi this before giving BHAA in Graha Niaga, Jl Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta, Thursday (28/10/2010).

For him, working on small traders in the city of Solo is much more attractive than the busy attract big investors. For street vendors on numerous Solo, so if handled seriously could contribute local revenue (PAD) is quite significant.

Instead of a large supermarket and modern impression, Jokowi was more like a traditional market. Therefore he wondered why over 40 years of living in Solo is not much, the addition of traditional markets.

"If the mart-mart did not help a little. Investors are not always strangers. Because if well-managed small can bring great. Hundreds of thousands of dollars it's okay, do not have billions," continued the dropout Faculty of Forestry, UGM.

Joko Widodo was born in Surakarta on June 21, 1961. In 1985 he completed undergraduate education. Previously, he had a job as a businessman's house and garden furniture. He became mayor of Solo through PDIP political vehicle. To fill her spare time, Jokowi prefer to sleep.

"Then why do not ya sleep-doing. The streets still baseball," he said, smiling.

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